20.02.2017 | Article

What are the Trending Colours in 2017?

WELCOME to a season of colour confidence. Style your summer separates with a newfound sense of freedom and don’t forget to switch your fail-safe black work bag for a bold new shade.

Trending Colours – This season features a new pastel range, with both equally soft and more saturated hues. Bluebell is a favourite as the most influential pale blue. Warm pastels include petal pink and thistle purple, while frost pink and ice purple are cooler options. Yellow proves influential particularly in a creamy shade of buttermilk, as well as a more traditional daffodil hue. Aqua and orchid are offered as brighter pastels. The nude conversation evolves with peach fuzz, and dark salmon serves as a nice contrast to the lighter traditional pastel hues.

Orchid is the most saturated hue in the pastel palette. Evolving from lighter shades of lilac, orchid embraces bright purple tones. Dark salmon brings something new to the pastel palette, with coral undertones. This season, bluebell is one of the most essential hues of the season. Tones range from a cloudy shade to a slight aqua undertone. Buttermilk offers a creamy yellow pastel in contrast to the more saturated daffodil.

There is also a well-rounded palette of mid-tones. Warm colours like lava, Indian red and chili powder apply orange and red undertones, adding spice to the group. Crimson red remains relevant along with oasis, this season’s teal hue. Yellow is featured in marigold and a brown cast mustard seed. Other fashion colours include cerise pink, purple rain and juniper green. Syrup is offered as a new warm brown hue.

The Pantone Colour Institute

The Pantone Colour Institute has declared these top 10 spring 2017 colours should lead the pack throughout the whole spring/summer season.

Nature Colours.

According to Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Colour Report, the upcoming spring is likely to see all the colours of nature actualized on garments, bringing a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors. Starting from that avocado-reminiscent Greenery, and its more muted counterpart Kale, to energetic Primrose Yellow and blindingly bright Pink Yarrow and Flame.

As was expected, blue was once more playing first fiddle bringing about whole 3 shades: the refreshing aqua Island Paradise, the classic denim-like Niagara and more intense Lapis Blue. Need something to mitigate that whole intense vibrancy? The spring/ summer 2017 colour trends also dish out more neutral and peaceful shades of Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut.

Here are the top 10 fashion colours for spring/ summer 2017 with their official appellations, but also a range of other shades that have been noticed to appear on runways more often than others:

Spring/ Summer 2017 Color Trends