21.06.2017 | Article

Art Meets Design

For nearly 7 years now I have been bringing you Beautiful Bags.  Originally focused on creating the perfect Laptop Bag which is the ‘Classic Sophia’ and then introducing matching wallets, makeup purses and sun glass cases plus a collection of original fashion handbags.

You may have noticed my recent pathway down the road of art which I love. There is nothing more satisfying than paper, pencil then paint and allowing the hand and mind to take over.

Resin art is also a great passion of mine with several large pieces sold so far. The fascination of color with resin, watching it evolve and the mission to control the finished artwork.  I love the impact a large piece can bring to a home or corporate environment.  One large white wall and one large resin artwork … simply wow magic.

At the moment I am working on combining my art with design to bring you a truly unique collection.  I really should say, two collections, as one is focused on the tourist visitor to Australia and the other creating fun, happy, shopper bags featuring artwork  that are the perfect gift or spoil yourself moment.

The souvenir collection features my own original artwork for Gold Coast, Melbourne, Australia and Sydney.  More to come I am sure.  I have created these collections as I felt there was not a great deal to offer the discerning tourist that was original, beautiful, colorful.  I have been told they are very Ken Done like although this was not my intention.  I just happen to love color as you know.   Many locals  have purchased the current Gold Coast bag and been delighted to find something they could get excited about to send to relatives overseas.

There is no shortage of inspiration for artwork so you can be assured of many interesting pieces to come  where art and design combine to bring you a truly ‘Beautiful Bag’.

Suzanna Thomas